FDR Legal Advice & Consulting is a legal advisory firm, based in Panama City, offering legal, financial, and accounting services to companies in Panama and abroad, leveraging the advantages of the Panamanian legal and financial system that provides valuable opportunities for structuring and restructuring companies.

We have a wide range of services that encompass everything required by a company wishing to operate in or from Panama.

FDR complements its legal services with handling Family Law matters, mainly Divorces, Custodies and Upbringings, Alimony, Asset Liquidations, Family Heritage Protection, and other processes and procedures inherent to this branch of Law.

Finally, FDR offers ancillary services to purely legal ones to provide its clients with comprehensiveness in addressing their needs. This offering is carried out through the subsidiary company Gestión Integral Corporativa (GIC).


The Importance of Being in Panama and Colombia

FDR Legal Advice & Consulting has a legal team both in Panama and Colombia to provide comprehensive service to our clients.

We have in-depth knowledge of the Colombian market and offer guidance to Colombian entrepreneurs looking to establish commercial activities outside of Colombia and to foreign companies seeking to do business in Colombia.

For the Panamanian market, we provide advice to enter the Colombian market.

From Panama, we offer all the administrative, financial, and legal support with a profitable strategy for any business.

Our Partners

FDR works in collaboration with important partners in Colombia, Panama, and Central America. The goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive assistance throughout the Central American, Panamanian, and Colombian regions.

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GIC Consulting

FDR offers additional services as an administrator based in Panama for our clients’ businesses or companies, including legal representation, banking representation, company domicile, preparation of accounting reports, banking financial statements, bank account management, relationship with suppliers, and follow-up on any instructions from the company owners.

For these services, we work with our subsidiary company Gestión Integral Corporativa, S.A. (GIC).

Our accumulated experience allows us to ensure that we are the ideal partner to accompany foreign capital companies in setting up their operations in the Republic of Panama, to serve the Panamanian and/or regional markets. We are experts in Business Consulting and Support with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of our clients.

For companies wishing to use the logistical, financial, and legal platform offered by the Republic of Panama, GIC presents its clients with the complete portfolio of services they will require to launch their business projects: Business Management, Legal Advice and Representation (FDR Abogados), Accounting Advice, Execution of Marketing Strategies and Commercial Management, Technology and Training Applied to Your Business.

For more information, please visit: www.giccorporation.com