Migracion FDR

The migration policy in Panama has always been a fundamental and changing issue in terms of legislation, which is why our firm maintains the service of migration advice and processing as a fundamental pillar in our range of services.

FDR Legal Advice & Consulting has a team of lawyers specialized in national migration laws to obtain visas in any of their categories, including short stays, business stays, or family visits, among others, or residence permits.

We have the capacity to process the 3 migration categories structured by Panama, each depending on its purpose:

  • Provisional Residencies: for individuals aspiring to be residents of Panama for a period of time;
  • Provisional Residencies with the right to opt for Permanent Residency: for individuals aspiring to remain in Panama for a period of time but who wish to have the possibility of becoming permanent residents in the future;
  • Permanent Residencies: for individuals aspiring to obtain their Panamanian residency indefinitely.

FDR offers services for evaluating migration situations for individuals wishing to work in Panama and professional assistance to obtain residency.

  • Regulation of Migration Status in Panama
  • Temporary and Permanent Residencies
  • Work Permits
  • Naturalizations
  • Visa Processing
  • Hiring Foreign Personnel in Panama
  • Various processes before the National Migration Service

FDR legalizes your migration status and that of your collaborators in Panama.

Labor Law

Derecho del trabajo FDR

At FDR, we safeguard the interests of our clients. We mediate matters involving the employer-employee relationship, ranging from contractual issues to potential labor disputes. We provide legal advice and assistance in labor matters, including:

  • Legal labor advice for companies
  • Legal labor advice for workers
  • Preparation and review of employment contracts
  • Processing of Work Permits for foreign labor
  • Termination of employment relationships
  • Assistance in individual conciliations and collective mediations before labor authorities
  • Preparation and submission of Internal Work Regulations
  • Negotiation of collective agreements
  • Formation of unions
  • Representation in Labor Lawsuits
  • Estimated calculations for labor settlements
  • Preparation of dismissal letters, as well as advice on any labor contingency.
  • Mediation, arbitration, and litigation

Social Security Fund

Trabajadores FDR

At FDR Legal Advice & Consulting, we process your workers’ transactions quickly, efficiently, timely, and above all safely with our Confidentiality Agreement; all data from your company and your employees will be protected.

Services We Offer:

Complete Cycle of Opening Your Company

  • Registration of Employers in the Income and Economic Benefits System (SIPE).
  • Registration of Domestic Employers in the Income and Economic Benefits System (SIPE).
  • Request and Registration of Digital Signature to carry out all processes in the Social Security Fund through the Income and Economic Benefits System (SIPE).

Monthly Records in the Social Security Fund System

  • Employee Affiliation
  • Leave
  • Entry Notices
  • Employee Withdrawal
  • Modify Licenses
  • Monthly Changes
  • Submission of Monthly Returns
  • Correction of Returns
  • Preparation of all Documents to carry out procedures

Complete Processing of Supplementary Returns in the Social Security Fund System

  • Submission of Supplementary Return correction request form.
  • Correction of returns for Omissions, with complex adjustments.
  • Request for Monthly Clearance Certificates, as required by the employer.
  • Reporting Returns, bonuses, vacations, out-of-period settlements.

Digital Files

  • Registration processes

Payment Arrangement Procedure before the Social Security Fund

  • Request for General Status of the Company before Social Security
  • Payment agreement to establish installments
  • Debt restructuring to Unify amounts of old Payment Arrangements and amounts of Regular Returns for recent months.

Cessation of Company Operations

  • Temporary or Permanent Cessation of Operations Request
  • Request for Certification of Inactive Employer
  • Request for Reactivation of Employer Number

Replacement of Employer

  • Change of Employer

We Perform the Following Calculations:

  • Weekly, biweekly, and monthly Returns.
  • Vacations
  • Thirteenth month
  • Work Letters
  • Human Resources
  • Settlements

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