Regulatory Affairs and Procedures Before Municipalities and Local Authorities

Our firm’s commitment is to ensure the operability of your company in strict compliance with the current regulations in the Republic of Panama, assisting you in procedures before various state and municipal public entities in obtaining, renewing, and maintaining permits, licenses, and authorizations required for a running business.

We provide advice on regulatory matters, guiding our clients in meeting requirements and regulations, always keeping them updated and current in their dealings with governmental and municipal authorities.

Intellectual Property

Propiedad intelectual FDR

We prioritize the protection of our clients’ product and service brands, as well as all their inventions, through comprehensive advice on Intellectual Property, keeping their needs as our guiding principle.

Our highly qualified team has the experience and knowledge to process patent applications, register trademarks, handle licenses, assignments, or transfers of rights arising from patents or registrations, always seeking to protect and defend their interests before the General Directorate of Industrial Property Registration (DIGERPI).

Licitaciones y Contrataciones Públicas

Contrataciones FDR

En FDR, we specialize in providing comprehensive advisory services in all modalities of contractor selection processes, from the preliminary stage, the preparation, and submission of your proposal to the contractual stage, once the public act has been awarded.

Our services include advisory on the examination of bidding documents, review of the minimum required documents to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Bidding Entities, formation of consortia, formulation of observations, and submission of claims and appeals before the relevant authorities, with the sole aim of achieving the award of the bidding process.

Servicios notariales 2 FDR
Félix Antonio Cabellos Díaz

Félix Antonio Cabellos Díaz

Notary Services

Servicios notariales 2 FDR

At FDR Legal Advice & Consulting, we facilitate the execution of your documents and notarial procedures professionally and efficiently. We offer you the best advice for drafting your documents and their subsequent authentication or closing before a Notary Public.

You don’t have to do anything; we take care of it for you!

Our services include:


  • Apostilles and legalization of documents
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Authentication and comparison of documents
  • Drafting of public deeds
  • Sworn statements
  • Preparation of contracts:
    • Sales and donations (person-to-person; person-to-company; company-to-company).
    • Lease contracts for real estate
    • Donations with usufruct
  • Authorization notes in general
  • Granting and revocation of powers of attorney (person-to-person; person-to-company)
  • Permission for minors to leave the country
  • Special powers of attorney
  • Testaments
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Revocations
  • Tax payment procedures of 2 and 3% for sales
  • Immigration procedures


  • Minutes of meetings
  • Marriages through notaries or judges (Panamanian-foreigners; foreigners-foreigners).
  • Responsibility letters for migration
  • Preparation of company minutes
  • Preparation of segregation deeds
  • Establishment of Private Interest Foundations
  • Establishment of Anonymous Societies
  • Creation and release of mortgages
  • Improvement declaration deeds
  • Real estate tax exemptions
  • Transfer tax exemptions for donations between spouses and between parents and children
  • Incorporation into the horizontal property regime; modifications to the horizontal property regulations.
  • Registration of deeds with the Public Registry
  • Work permits
  • Car transfer cards
  • Processing of suitability for the practice of liberal professions.
  • Legal personality processing for non-profit associations.

Tahany Raquel Marenco Jaramillo